USIT provides customized dashboard to fit for business requirement.

USIT provides customized dashboard to fit for business requirement. It is a business tool for performance management, data analysis, reporting and decision support. It provides a unified view of key metrics, assisting companies with planned insight and decision-making. It is completely web based, easy to use and delivers performance that fits the enterprise.

    Executive Dashboard

  • Monitoring - Convey information at a glance.
  • Analysis - Analyse exception conditions.
  • Management - Improve coordination and collaboration

    Distinctive feature of Executive Dashboard

  • Graphical, abstracted data to monitor key performance metrics.
  • Summarized dimensional data to analyse the root cause of problems.
  • Detailed operational data that identifies what actions to take to resolve a problem. These sets of related functionalities are woven together seamlessly and built on an information infrastructure designed to fulfil user needs.


  • Operational Dashboards Tracks core operational processes and often display real-time data. These dashboards emphasize monitoring more than analysis or management.
  • Tactical Dashboards Tracks departmental processes and projects and emphasize analysis more than monitoring or management.
  • Strategic Dashboards Monitors the execution of strategic objectives at each level of the organization and emphasizes management more than monitoring or analysis.


Scalable to thousands of users. Pixel perfect, desktop publishing quality. Drill-down to granular, transactional-level details. Communicates with clarity, quickly, and compellingly. Real-time data update through time/event based triggers. Export data to excel anytime. E-mail Distribution schedulable. Connect to multiple data sources simultaneously including excel. Perform comparative analysis and track performance against goals. Allows shift through multidimensional data to spot trends and aberrations or slice and dice data.

Available everywhere via Web Scientific approach for reporting View and analyze to make smarter decisions. Helps real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators. Quickly spot uncover problem areas & detect patterns and trends. Access and consolidate relevant data from one or multiple sources. Improved Business Performance + Expense Reduction = True ROI. Share the insight of data with the business users across organization.