Vehicle Tracking System

The emergence of affordable cellular services, low-cost GPS hardware, and ubiquitous Internet access has ushered in a new age of Asset Management solutions more often known as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Many industrial assets are being transformed by the advent of remote Communication, either one-way (monitoring) or two-way (monitoring & control), enabling them to take Their efficiency vs cost optimization levels to those which were not achievable by conventional means.

USIT provides M2M and asset management solutions that enable organizations to better Manage these geographically dispersed assets either within a premise, yard and mines. Our wireless solutions enable asset managers to track equipment, collect usage Information, and centrally manage all assets from a single user interface.

Dynamic asset management is needed for online assessment of remote assets and to ensure reliability for maximum performance. Asset Management solution combines the power of optional GIS with real-time

Industrial M2M for Remote Asset Management :

Industrial M2M for remote asset manage by USIT includes all wireless technologies namely GSM/GPRS/Zigbee/Wifi/HUF & RF communication with Decision Support System for the appropriate Authorities/officers which can be customized for a specific requirement for the client under Consideration

  • Quick user interface through a web browser
  • Complete integration available to create/edit/delete, update, connect and analyze these assets, related parameters
  • Works wherever you have an internet connection, including your smart phones
  • Integration, data capture and data migration
  • Unmatched training & support

Integrate interface :

    • Digital I/Os
    • BACnet
    • DNP 3
    • Analog voltage/current
    • RS232 serial port/transparent mode
    • RS422 & RS485 modbus connection
    • Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP
    • Zigbee
    • HTTP